5 Popular Unicorn Room Decoration Themes

Unicorn Room Decoration is a special Android application developed and released for the Android operating system. It has received rave reviews from more than 305 individual users and is rated so highly by above 300 users. Unicorn Room Decoration is said to be a unique and original take on the popular clip show format. The premise of the application, as its name suggests, is to draw a unicorn using a variety of stylized backgrounds.

The program offers two pre-installed wallpapers for use as wallpapers on your phone. The first one is called “Unicorn Playhouse”, which gives the appearance of a beautiful fairy tale castle with a number of beautiful unicorns wandering about. The second is called “Unicorn Castle” and is available in a high resolution wallpaper. Both wallpapers are available for free. Another way to add some more elements to the walls of your android phone is to download some of the thousands of wallpapers that can be found on Google’s personalization page. Some of these wallpapers might not exactly be what you are looking for, but they certainly might be well worth the extra effort.

Unicorn Room Decoration does have four main themes that you can choose from to go along with the wallpapers and banners included with the program. The first theme is called “Nursery”, which is very similar to the popular nursery rhyme “I am a Nurture”. This one comes with over 27 wallpapers including many which are probably classics. You can also select to add a cute little baby unicorn to your nursery decoration.

The next theme is “Mysterious Forest”. This one features a number of forest animals such as deer, rabbits, squirrels, and foxes peeping around in your house. The different colors used in this theme include blue, red, green, yellow, orange, and purple. Cute baby unicorns, along with a variety of other wildlife and nature items are available for use in this unicorn room decoration.

The third theme is the “Mysterious Beach”. This one is very reminiscent of the popular cover of the album “A Day In The Life Of Pinot Grigio” by Giancarlo Giordano. Some of the wallpapers for this theme include palm trees, starfish, dolphins, and waves. A pink and orange dolphin will adorn your desktop, while a starfish or two on your wall will add an element of drama to your room. The beach is a great place to relax after a hard day’s work.

The fourth theme is “Carriage riding”. This theme comes with a couple hundred wallpapers which feature a variety of different landscape shots of a horse drawn carriage. Your selection of wallpaper will depend on whether you want your computer to reflect a romantic setting like a barn or a romantic carriage ride. Your unicorn room decoration is sure to be a big hit!

The fifth and final theme is “Navel piercing”. This is probably the most disturbing of all the themes presented. You are given a picture of a naked little white fetus with a very small hole for its eye. The hole is so tiny that sometimes it can be mistaken for a pinched eye. This is also the theme of “Cannibal Mothers”.

So there you have it. Your choice of a Unicorn theme is only limited by your own imagination. You are free to use as many or as few of the images as you wish. All of the above themes have been designed to celebrate and represent the unicorn, as well as Mother Nature and all things pleasant. Try using one or more of these to create a truly amazing environment for you and your child.