Blue Bedroom Ideas – How to Use Your Favorite Colors to Inspire Creativity in Your Bedroom Decor

Many of us are drawn to beautiful colors like blue, green and pink but don’t have much in the way of blue bedroom ideas. It’s difficult to find great ideas for blue bedroom decorating that still incorporate the warmth and relaxing qualities of these shades. This article offers a few helpful tips for decorating your bedroom using these lovely shades. I hope they help you find just the right blue bedroom design that meets your needs.

One of the easiest and most calming blue bedroom ideas is to create a calming environment through the colors you choose for your walls and floors. The color blue is a symbol of peace, so adding this color into your home can help you feel more relaxed. Incorporate blue as an accent color on your walls with unique wall art and decorative pillows. Match a fun geometric patterned headboard with an equally fun patterned decorative throw pillow for a truly harmonious look in your room. Match similar patterned wallpaper on your window treatment with a solid colored bedspread for balance and harmony in your blue room.

In addition to selecting special wall art or decorative throw pillows for your walls, blue also represents healing qualities such as gentleness, wisdom and calm. Create a convalescent atmosphere by choosing a dark pastel shade of blue for your bed frame. A deep eggshell finish will project a sense of repose and peace. You can enhance your bed frame with touches of warm browns and rust colors, which complement the deep blues beautifully.

In your blue bedroom ideas, you might want to add touches of serenity to your headboard and bed accents. Toss an opulent patterned pillow shaded in an eggshell color across the top of your headboard. Or throw in a striped print that coordinates with your throw pillow, which is accentuated by its fluffy texture.

If your bedroom is decorated in basic black and white colors, then you will want to tone down the colors a little by adding a touch of lighter blues in accessories, photos and accent pillows. Try an interesting photo print or reproduction for your headboard. A larger scale print will make the best wall accent. If you have dark blue walls, then use an accent wall hanging to show off your pillows or accent pillow.

You may also want to enhance your blue bedroom decor with interesting wall hangings and pictures. If you have a lovely book collection, then try to display it on your wall in a large scale, wall tapestry style. An old and worn picture of a favorite place or your family will create a warm and personal feeling in any room. Your family photo credit can be framed and mounted in an attractive frame. You may want to put your family photo on your dining room table. This is not only a sentimental way to remember wonderful times in your life, but it makes a beautiful decorative accent piece.

If you love nautical decorations, then you will certainly want to incorporate a nautical theme into your bedroom decor. If you are lucky enough to live near a beach, then why not paint your walls with the bright colors of the ocean – sand, sea shells and everything else that reminds you of a sandy shore. If you choose to paint your walls in a monochromatic color scheme, then choose seashells and sandy colors such as turquoise blue, green sand and marine blue. You can then use coastal lace and shell embellishments to accessorize your bedroom.

To finish your bedroom in a blue ocean theme, then add a soft touch of aqua into the decor. Artificial blue water effects from a seashell pattern or live coral that comes in a variety of shapes, sizes and colors make a lovely accent for any bedroom. In addition to using live coral and shells, you could also use artificial blue seashells that have been crafted into a bowl or even a marble bowl. Use this as a base for floating candles and lighting them underwater in the bedroom as well. This is a very pretty way to decorate your ocean-themed bedroom and it is sure to be loved by everyone in the house!