Great Bedroom Decorating Ideas for Black Bedrooms

You’ve spent hours upon hours decorating your house and even more time putting it all together, but now you need a dark bedroom to really show off those great efforts. Before you start tearing everything out, why not spruce up the place with some dark bedroom ideas. The best ones are neutral and work equally well with both traditional and contemporary themes. You can find them in just about any color you could imagine. Let’s take a look at a few.

If you have black walls, great dark bedroom ideas include painting the walls a deep charcoal color. This works particularly well with antique furniture and creates a very elegant overall look. The darker hues go especially well with other dark accents, such as wood flooring, open shelving and wrought iron. They are a bit on the masculine side for women who might prefer softer features or a little more feminine design. For a masculine-looking room, use coasters, metal wall art and a few other decor items that create a sense of strength and power.

Another thing you can do to create a terrific dark bedroom is to install a window. Natural light is essential to good sleep and creating an artificial light free bedroom allows you to keep that. With today’s large window shapes, you can have one that’s really wide and open or very narrow to provide maximum natural light for sleeping. Either way, it’s a perfect place to relax after a long, hard day.

Another one of dark bedroom ideas that provides a great overall look is using black bedding with white walls. This works because it creates a focal point, but doesn’t have to be overly dramatic. A big wall of black bedding can add a certain dark elegance and sex appeal without being too heavy or garish looking. You can also opt for a very simple white bed sheet and throw over the black bedding to pull together the look.

Another of the dark bedroom ideas that provide a classic look is using a picture frame on the wall. You could go for an antique piece or choose something more modern. A modern framed picture will fit well with the overall feel you want to convey. If you want to use more modern decorating items, choose some bold abstract art or metal wall decor.

One last thing you can do is use a few different accent wall decorations in your bedroom. You could create a fun, humorous theme by hanging a Harley Davidson sign from the ceiling. You could have a bowling alley sign or pin up girls mural painted on the wall. Any fun theme you choose, you can pull off as one of these stylish bedroom ideas. The most important thing is that your walls are stylish yet elegant.

If you’re not interested in a theme, then consider black bedding that has a pale gray color or a dark blue color. These bedding items can be quite elegant as well since they are so crisp and bold. They will give the room a very earthy look and tone. Add some playful floral accents in bright or pastel shades to really jazz up the room.

With the dark bedroom ideas you’ve just learned, there are plenty of decorating options available to you. Your decorating theme doesn’t have to be black and white. You can use almost any color or texture that you love. When you choose your paint color, make sure it’s a light color or it will clash with your bedding and wall decor. The decorating ideas in this article are just a start to what you can do with earthy color choices.