Ideas for Boys Bedrooms

The most common bedroom design for boys is a cabin-like design with bunk beds and a work desk area for schoolwork and the TV. Boys usually have their own cubbyholes and dressers in their bedroom, although they will share a single bath with their brothers or sisters. Boys bedroom ideas include themes of sports, racecars or jungle and cars. Cabinets are perfect for storage but can also be a fun focal point. Wood and other natural materials are popular in boys’ bedroom designs. Typical accessories include rugs, paintings and bedding sets.

Another popular bedroom idea is a boy’s room that has a jungle themed, woodsy look. Bunk beds are ideal because they save valuable floor space in a small bedroom. Three twin mattresses placed in a jungle themed pattern is an easy fix. Add colorful wallpaper borders to the top of the bed frame and mirrors, so there is even more space to play and experiment with your artistic nature.

Boys bedroom ideas that pay tribute to cars, especially racecars, are very popular with boys. If your child is into sports, install a racing flagpole in his or her bedroom. Paint a checkered wall with an American flag and attach a car hood to the pole.

Boys bedroom ideas that combine boys and girls both need careful planning. One way to make a boy’s bedroom look more like a girl’s bedroom is to purchase pink bedding and add some cute boys dressers. You could paint the walls in a girly color, perhaps using a lemon yellow for the main color scheme and a pink for the accent color. Add feminine touches such as floral and polka dot curtains and pillows.

Boys bedroom ideas for small living areas often include a reading corner and a desk that are shaped like a book. The desk can be made from a solid wood such as oak or beech, or a combination of wood and leather. A good place to get inspiration for a boy’s bed is to look through sports magazines, or for a good way to decorate your boy’s bedroom you might want to go to garage sales and discount stores. Remember when redecorating your boy’s room you should dress him in neutral colors such as green and blue, brown and black, or just paint the walls in light pastel colors. Boys enjoy having fun colors and you never know how much they’ll like bright, shiny paint. Boys bedroom ideas that emphasize sports or outdoor theme can use a canopy bed, a storage bench, and an overhead storage cabinet.

Boys bedroom ideas for playrooms can be themed in two basic styles: boy and girl styles. Boy style beds are taller and made of hardwood with solid leg frames and short tops. Girl style beds are shorter with fitted mattress tops and softer, chenille-like tops. Both styles can be purchased in solid wood or painted cherry, mahogany, or oak.

Boys bedroom furniture should include chests of drawers, dressers, and desks. Some of the best boys bedroom furniture is usually sold with matching dresser drawers that are perfect for a boy’s room. You might also consider a chest of drawers that is designed for bookshelves, not only to make sure your kid’s books are stored properly, but to add a little style to the room. You can find all-in-one chests that have adjustable shelves, or you can purchase separate units to fit his needs.

Boys bedroom decorating can be as simple or intricate as you choose. Depending on the age of the child, the decor can range from the functional to the decorative. Small boys just beginning to learn how to walk need a place to put their shoes, so a simple wooden bench with a rug underneath will be perfect. If you purchase an old oak dresser, make sure it is the right size for him. If he is smaller, you may want to get him a chair instead. A bedside table or a trunk will also be a nice touch.