Is Romance Missing in Your Master Bedroom?

We’ve all fallen victim to the bare-bedroom phenomenon: finishing decoration in the living room and spare bedroom, then realizing the master bedroom is a blank slate.

It’s easy to get stuck in the “I have nothing to put in there” mindset. But the reality is that there are plenty of ways to make your bedroom feel cozy and romantic without breaking the bank. Here are a few ideas to get you started.

The Bare-Bedroom Phenomenon

Avoid the plastic comforter! Sleep on a feather duvet in summer. Otherwise, consider cotton sheets, which are absorbent, and can be laundered easily.

Like other rooms of the house, it’s easy to be inspired by showy lamps and reflective surfaces. Try paint in shades of grey and white instead. A starched, white, pillowcase simply reflects the light; fancy lace has another, softer, more romantic, effect.

And those lacy pillowcases are easy to wash. You can hang the linen ones in the closet, but not the expensive lace ones, which can’t be squeezed into the washing machine. You can get inexpensive long-line cotton sheets or flat sheet sets at Walmart.

Makeover The Bed

Interior designer Toni Semesko says no matter how much a mattress cost, investing in a quality bed topper makes a big difference in the comfort factor of the bed. Widow-maker mattresses that cost about $1,200 can usually be purchased for around $1,000, depending on what kind of mattress you buy.

The standard list of adjustable bed bases starts at $500 to $800, depending on the model. When choosing an upholstered headboard, Semesko suggests the highest quality you can afford. A slipcovered luxury bed in silk or leather can cost up to $5,000. And lacing, which can cost $100 to $150, adds a bit of texture to the bed without sticking out like a sore thumb.

Make Your Room Feel Luxurious

You don’t have to go into luxury lifestyle territory to transform your bedroom into a place you and your partner can take pride in. If you’re willing to spend a little more money, give your space a luxurious update. There are a lot of great (and inexpensive) things you can do to add style and comfort, so take a look at our DIY projects to learn how to refresh the whole room.

Paint the walls in the neutral tones that complement your décor, create a focal wall with a beautiful piece of art, and add a statement piece that turns the space into a blank canvas for romance. Also, take a cue from Hollywood’s most romantic couples and let some good old-fashioned romance and luxury be the motivation behind your upgrade.

Romantic Lighting

Did you know that the right lighting can set the mood for your romance? For example, using colored ceiling fixtures or giving your room a calming glow like you would in a spa can both create a sense of intimacy and help distract from clutter.

Aromatherapy: Sometimes it really is the little things that can create a noticeable difference in the atmosphere of a space. One of the easiest ways to pamper yourself and your lover is by using scents that complement your other favorite scents. Facing each other with scents for a candlelit dinner or shower time together can be very romantic and bonding.

Turn the radio up and dance It doesn’t take a genius to figure out that music is a powerful way to enhance the romance of your sex life, so you might as well do it in your bedroom too.

Add Some Cozy Accents

When it comes to making your master bedroom feel more welcoming and warm, a soft, textured rug may be the most obvious addition to a room of this size. But don’t think that it has to be something large or pricey to do the trick. A throw or two from your favorite store can add comfort, color and softness.

A nice large throw from Crate & Barrel has a subtle pattern but would look great in a master bedroom. Or for a larger statement, consider a design with three to five colors.


Before moving into the bedroom-lovers club, consider whether you need to take the plunge, as, over time, things can get stale in there. If you like a similar aesthetic and color palette in the rest of your home, the rest of your bedroom can and should remain neutral, and you can save some money by storing extra knick-knacks away.

If the color scheme is one that makes you feel tired, however, consider a touch of color. A few bright or richly colored accessories could do the trick. If you’re already feeling a little frisky, a touch of sex appeal is definitely a good idea, and these are some of our favorite touches.