Looking For a Car Bed For Boys?

When shopping for car beds for boys you have a few things to keep in mind. Boys are different from girls when it comes to size and so they require a bed that is larger in size than what your girl would require. Your car bed should be able to hold your child and the things that he or she will need to get on and off the car. A car bed for boys is going to be different than a car bed for girls because boys require more support and help in getting and pulling off the car.

The above image shows Little Tikes Sports Car Twin Mattress (double mattress) that is a perfect choice for young boys age 3 years and up. The mattress is available in twin size and also double. This particular manufacturer recommends that the bed be used with a vehicle that is at least eight years old. If the bed is used by a younger child than the manufacturer recommended age then this should be changed accordingly.

Another thing that you should consider before shopping for a car bed for boys is their body weight. This particular product measurement is not suggested for a newborn baby but for older children that are starting to outgrow their infant car beds. The twin size bed should accommodate that growth. For those that are not gaining weight, you can adjust the product measurement accordingly.

Shopping for car beds for boys entails more measurements because it will be used in a different environment. They also will be used much more often and thus more prone to accidents. Your young boy may be rough housing with his brothers or sisters in the car and you do not want to purchase a bed that will break down or one that will become damaged over time. You do not want the bed to be an added liability to your family’s finances. It may seem like a fairly small amount of money for a twin size bed but the safety concerns are much higher.

The best way to ensure you get the right product for your child is to measure them. If they are smaller than their recommended age then it is imperative that you get a mattress that will fit. There is not room to include a comforter in a twin bed so all four corners of the bed must be covered. Measuring the bed from head to foot is the best way to determine the size because it will provide a basis for the mattress to be purchased. If the measurements are not accurate then it is possible that you will get a mattress that is too large or too small.

Boys car beds come in many different styles. You can find styles that are just plain colored or you can purchase car beds that have design features. A popular design is the pop out trundle that allows the bed to open up so the toddler can get in and out of bed. You can also find car beds that have built in storage compartments underneath the bed. These compartments can be used for toys or even clothes. Most manufactures like Mattel, Woodard, and Stobel are popular names in the industry.

When searching for car beds for boys make sure that you do your homework. The internet is a great place to look but do not purchase until you understand exactly what you are purchasing. You will want to ensure that the manufacturer you are buying from is reputable and offers a warranty on their products. Many people make the mistake of only purchasing from well known manufactures but it is always better to purchase from a lesser known company.

When looking for car beds for boys you will want to consider spending as much time as possible in finding the product that is right for your family. You want your boys to be happy with their new car beds. They will love them and your house will be more organized.