Romantic Bedroom Ideas For Your Home

Looking for romantic bedroom ideas? You’ve come to the right place! Your romantic bedroom should reflect your loved one’s personalities, interests and lifestyle. The Romantic Bedroom: Creating a Fantasy is an informative and fun DVD with easy to follow directions and visual images to help you turn your bedroom into a romantic getaway. Enjoy watching this DVD together as a couple. Yours is the perfect bedroom because it inspires you to think, dream and work towards a life of romance.

Try a DIY home decorating plan. Learn how to create one of the following ten romantic DIY headboards. Simple, elegant and romantic! Remember, you work a lot in your bedroom, so take some special time to make a romantic bedroom sanctuary for you and that special one you love.

Use complimentary colors in your bedroom. You want to choose colors that bring out and enhance each other’s unique traits and qualities. Use warm browns, oranges and reds for a classic romantic retreat, but try fuchsia, pink and black if you’re adventurous. Colors also work well for romantic bedroom ideas like the colors you would use in creating an interior design plan.

Create a romantic atmosphere by using incandescent bulbs and beautiful candles. Incandescent bulbs cast a warm and relaxing glow but look great lit, when set in candleholders. Candles make a romantic centerpiece but look best lit on a side table in a sitting room or over a large glass fireplace. Make an effort to choose heart-shaped or star-shaped candles for your candleholders. If you prefer candles over incandescent bulbs, try glass candles with beautiful glass coasters for a touch of elegance.

Use lighting to create a romantic ambiance. When romantic moments are needed, accessorize with romantic lighting. Look for low wattage compact fluorescent bulbs in soft pastel shades. Consider using dimmer switches and motion sensor lights to control the amount of light as needed. Use these same lighting techniques for your DIY romance retreat: Use dimmer switches to set the mood, use motion sensor lights as needed, and place scented candles around the bedroom for scent.

Incandescent lighting can be romantic and flicker while providing little heat, but it’s not practical for most bedrooms. Instead, opt for sleek modern fixtures that cast soft shadows and sparkle. If you’d rather go with traditional lighting, choose shades that come in rich earth tones like ivory, cognac or mahogany, and add some decorative pillows or throws for additional warmth. Use these same colors for the interior design of your bedroom. Use throw pillows on your bed and dressers for additional touches of romance.

Paint the walls in rich neutral tones to bring a calm nature to the bedroom. Add reds and oranges to give a festive vibe, or use shades of gold to create the look of regal castles. Using warm colors like orange and red can create a romantic feel in the bedroom for two, but only one can sleep, so choose wisely! Neutral tones work well for all bedrooms, but use caution when choosing an accent color for your bedroom.

Candles add a romantic touch to any bedroom, but red and orange should be used sparingly to avoid creating an overheated atmosphere. Instead, choose soothing white candles and find shades of pink or blue to create the right ambiance. Soft feminine lighting is the perfect touch for your DIY romantic bedroom lighting scheme. Look for low wattage bulbs to minimize heat, and bright electric bulbs to maximize light without burning your pocketbook. Choose romantic colors like lavender, rose, violet or white to set the mood, but keep in mind colors work both ways; too much romance and not enough will create a bedroom that feels empty and dull!