Simple Kids Bedroom Design Ideas For Boys

When it comes to kids bedroom decor, few decorating themes are more popular than classic sailor and ocean themes. This makes a great jumping off point for a boy’s room decor, and can even become a source of inspiration when trying to decorate a girl’s bedroom. The best thing about this style of decor is its simplicity and limitless potential. There are endless possibilities when it comes to the textures, fabrics, colors, and accents used in a boy’s room.

When it comes to decorating a girl’s bedroom, few ideas have been as enjoyable for parents as this. After all, girls simply adore pretty feminine accents. The timeless beauty of white and silk coupled with pretty feminine bedding sets and comforters are a winning combination. Here are a few interior design ideas for kid room design for boys that you might like to consider.

When it comes to some classic boy’s room decorating ideas, nothing tops the timeless appeal of navy blue. This color is so timeless that a complete change may seem unnecessary. In fact, a change in just one color can drastically change the appearance of the room. Fortunately, there are a number of different shades of navy that you could choose from.

If blue is not your thing, but you still want to add some fun to the room, why not consider some fun kids bedroom theme color palettes? The bright yellows and vibrant reds would certainly be a hit with any young child. The range of colors and patterns available now is nearly unlimited. You can find everything from intricate goldfish prints to bright orange and yellow colors to peppy pinks. This would be a perfect setting for your little princess.

While you’re at it, you should definitely consider the cool kids room ideas of stripes. It seems that every kid is discovering his or her own favorite stripes. You could use this as a springboard for your own interior design ideas. A colorful striped wallpaper border is something that your little boy will love. He’ll get to decorate his bedroom all he wants, but won’t get to feel like the walls are being painted by a kid with a mind of his own.

If navy isn’t quite enough to liven up your boy’s bedroom, perhaps a deep, rich brown would do the trick. Just make sure the tones complement each other. Some brown tones complement the more bold blues, while other browns can give a more serious look to a blue-based bedroom. To create a truly unique color scheme, think about the natural colors of his skin and hair. With all that attention to detail, you can bet that your little boy will love what you create for his new bedroom.

Teenage boys have many decorating ideas to choose from, but they usually turn to rock and roll for inspiration. You might find inspiration in the music, which means you’ll need to be well versed in the latest styles. Hip, modern colors like orange, lime green and light blue are very popular with teenage boy bedroom decor ideas for boys. These bright tones can add just the right touch to any teenage boy’s room. Orange, lime green and blue are popular colors for accenting themes like sports, hip hop and pop music.

Simple kids bedroom design ideas for boys can include art and crafts. If you want your teenage boy to really shine, try adding wooden or plastic boats to the room. Boys also love to hang out with their favorite bands so you can incorporate different pictures and symbols into his room decor. There are endless fun and interesting ideas available for decorating a teenage boy’s bedroom.