Space Saving Tips – Small Bedroom Decoration Ideas

Small spaces are notoriously difficult to decorate, primarily because you need to find a good balance between form and function. It’s important that the room contains all the required furniture, while at the same time looking uncluttered, attractive, and welcoming. The following tips will help you achieve this:


Using tall units is a great way to provide lots of storage without compromising on floor space. Floor-to-ceiling wardrobes are perfect because they can hold a huge amount of stuff in a relatively compact area. Another great way to provide more storage is to use a bed with space underneath, and then use under-bed drawers which slide in and out.


Fairly obviously, the bed is one of the main pieces of furniture in a bedroom. It is also the one which takes up the most floor space, so it is important to choose the right one. If you are set on having a double bed, you could consider a small double, which still provides ample sleeping space, but in a slightly smaller area. Otherwise, a single bed or fold-down bed can give you a significant increase in floor area.


Although clever use of lighting won’t make your room any bigger physically, it can give the appearance of doing so. Rather than having one central light hanging from the middle of the room, use a number of smaller lights and lamps dotted around near or on the walls. This will help give the impression of a bigger room.


It is a well known interior design principle that using lighter colors creates an impression of space and airiness. Light whites and creams will achieve this very well, whereas dark browns and purples can make a small room feel oppressive, and even smaller than it really is.

By following these simple tips you can maximize the use of space in your bedroom to make it feel larger than it really is, giving you a more comfortable environment to sleep and live in.