Add a romantic vibe to your Bali Country Bedroom

A shabby chic bedroom can be very stylish and romantic. You can use shabby chic paint colors, fabrics and accessories to create a romantic feel. If you are on a tight budget, you can make your shabby chic room come alive with just a few dollars worth of do it yourself projects. Or if you have the money you can hire a designer to transform your bedroom into an “old style” with lace, distressed woods, and wood blinds. It all depends on how much time and money you want to spend. Here are some tips on creating a romantic shabby chic bedroom that will make you and your partner enjoy it for years to come.

Create a calming and romantic atmosphere – You will want to choose all of the furniture, linen and fabrics for your shabby chic bedroom in the same pastel colors. Choose light pastel colors like pale blue, lilac, beige and white. These will be the main colors of your bedroom and they work well together. You may also want to have a small shabby chic bed in your bedroom. An Ottoman or a footstool will make a comfortable place to sit while reading a book. You can store your lingerie, jewelry and other small items in your bedroom dresser drawers.

Choose fabrics in rich textures and rich colors. A luxurious bed linen with a worn look will work best. You should choose fabrics that drape well such as velvet, silk or chiffon. Add some throw pillows with lace on them. For the walls you can have silk or satin floral prints or any floral pattern.

Look for items in dark colors like black, brown, navy blue or gray. You may not want to put too many bright colors in your bedroom so stick to darker fabrics. Linen, chenille and linen are good choices of fabrics. You can even create a Shabby Chic Decorating theme for your bedroom.

Paint your walls in rich shabby chic colors. You can have your bedroom decorated in stripes, plaids or florals. You can even use stencils or stencil to add some interest to your walls. Add a vintage clock that you can paint in your favorite romantic color.

The Shabby chic look is about layers of fabric. You need a bed frame that is made of at least two layers of fabric. A shabby chic bed frame will add depth to your bedroom and will also give it a worn look. If you don’t want your bedroom to look worn out, paint your walls in a neutral color. Make sure the window treatments complement the bed frame and furniture.

If you don’t want your bedroom to look too feminine, then use a patterned linen comforter and pillow shams. Purchase a solid pastel colored comforter so you can use it throughout the room, but choose one that goes with the colors in your room. Purchase a sheer comforter on a dark blue or turquoise background. You could even add a silk flower print on the fitted sheets. A feminine look to your bedroom with shabby chic fabrics is perfect for a romantic night for two.

Shabby chic lends itself to soft floral prints on bedding and curtains. Purchase white roses in a variety of colors and place them on a shelf or in an accent vase. If you would like your bedroom to appear more sophisticated, purchase a black satin bed cover in a lighter weight fabric. Complete your romantic bedroom look by adding crystal accents such as crystal candlesticks and art pieces that have French carvings. Your bedroom will be transformed into a romantic getaway in no time!