Bedroom Ideas For Boys

From Transportive Murals to Olde World Schemes, ve brought together an exciting range of truly innovative bedrooms for boys and some expert advice to assist you to design a bold, modern bedroom for your boys. In the present age, boys are spending longer hours in their rooms than ever before, working long hours and playing games far away from the safety of the home. It is vital that he has somewhere safe to retreat and feel secure and comfortable. Modern bedrooms need not be overly masculine, they can be full of colour or whimsy and innovation. The bedroom of a boy is a very important space and one that he will spend many happy hours in, so choose carefully.

Bedroom ideas for boys are often male spaces which are given personality through clever use of colour and design. A bright, colourful mural on the wall will add character to the bedroom whilst enabling the boy to express himself as well as his feelings. For example, a sports mural may feature a player from a team, or perhaps a bike mural will bring life to a boy’s study or play room. Alternatively, a boys’ wall mural could feature a range of animals or simply a drawing by a child.

Boys’ bedroom ideas need not be limited to walls and furniture. If a boy enjoys music, wallpaper may feature instruments and a guitar, maybe framed art and musical wallpaper borders could feature a mural of a musical instrument, such as a xylophone or a guitar. Alternatively, the walls could be painted a bright, cheerful colour, such as red or yellow. Furniture that looks good and can be moved easily should also feature. Boys love to climb, so a climbing wall mural would make a great bedroom ideas for boys, or a rock and roll themed bedroom could have a mural featuring guitars, a drum set or maybe a bass guitar.

Boys love the artwork and a toy rack are a great way to feature this in a boy’s room, as they will often display toys they have collected or a toy which they are very proud of. Toy storage boxes are another great item to consider. A toy chest is an ideal space saver, especially if the little boy loves construction and building toys. They will display all their toys here, whilst also being able to see what else they may want to play with. Boys’ toy racks can feature many different elements and also double as storage for toys that are damaged or no longer wanted.

Bedroom ideas for boys’ room decor can be as simple or as complex as you wish. Creating a unique space which offers comfort, durability, a sense of style and creating a place that they can call their own is what really matters. Of course, it is also important to ensure that the bedroom is safe and secure. Bedroom furniture, which offers support and security will be the most important, as this provides peace of mind as well as practicality.

Bedroom ideas for boys can include the use of timeless furniture such as chests of drawers. These can be purchased with storage options, allowing parents to keep small items in the drawers and larger items on the floor. As these items will usually be less visible than bulky, stand-alone chests of drawers, boys will benefit from this. Contemporary chest of drawers can also feature soft lined lacquered wood to provide a durable base for beautiful furniture. Some companies can offer a lifetime guarantee against warping, scratching or moisture, which is very reassuring. This type of timeless furniture will be an excellent addition to any bedroom, as it will fit in easily with the existing design.

Bedroom ideas for tween boys can also include the addition of a wardrobe to their loft bed. A well-liked type of loft bed with a built-in wardrobe is the sliding wardrobe, offering the perfect place for tumbling undergarments and other accessories. Many companies are now producing a wide range of styles of dressers suitable for installation into a loft bed, with an emphasis on both style and modern technology. These models can offer parents a range of options in terms of storage and can help create unique, modern bedroom decor for their children.

Twenties style furniture can be an ideal choice for any child’s room. These furniture pieces look charming in both modern and traditional styles. Bedroom ideas for boys featuring a mixture of rich woods and soft fabrics are often very popular amongst twenties enthusiasts, allowing the furniture to match the decor of the room, or to blend seamlessly in. Many manufacturers are producing stylish, quality loft bed furniture that looks great in any environment. Modern designs feature clean lines and sleek designs, which are often made using quality materials. The rustic look of country-styled furniture is also very popular amongst twenties fans.