Bedroom Ideas – Using White Bedroom Furniture & Bedding to Create a Brilliant Bedroom

White is definitely timeless. A white bedroom design is always a safe, classic option for creating a relaxing, calming environment in any decor. With the perfect combination of colors, textures, and furnishings, a white bedroom is often a welcoming and comforting space to enjoy. Here are some white bedroom ideas that will make you feel like royalty:

Paint your walls white with a neutral in-between tone. You want the wall color to work with your furniture and other accessories, but you don’t want it to be too bright or garish so it’s best to play it safe. Two good ideas for a blank canvas are either a deep cream or beige, or a neutral walnut or oak wood.

Paint the floor with pale grey. This colour is relaxing and works well with almost any feature wall. It works especially well when you add complimentary elements such as browns, pinks, and creams. You may want to choose a feature wall that is blank, as it will serve as your inspiration piece. Another option would be to add a feature wall that features a beautiful photo that inspires you. These types of white bedroom ideas let you have fun and create a unique interior without being too conservative.

Paint the headboard. The headboard serves as the focal point of the room and can help you create many different white bedroom ideas. Most importantly, make sure that the headboard matches the rest of the bedroom. Your bedroom wallpaper is going to be very important here, and again, you want to aim for a neutral wall colour.

Hang something over the bed. Some white bedroom ideas focus on the bed as the focal point. But in a small bedroom, you don’t always have the space for a full-sized bed. If you’re having problems finding a room for a bed in your small bedroom, try hanging a rope bed across the room from the ceiling. This is an extremely effective and simple way of making a focal point. Hanging a small figurine can also be another great way to bring a feature wall closer to the eye.

Choose plain, clean white furnishings. White bedroom ideas that emphasize the clean lines and crisp texture of white furniture will help you create a visually refined space. If you really want a crisp, stark bedroom, you can always go with black or red furnishings. When it comes to colours, keep things neutral shades so the white pieces will have little impact, and keep the black and red accents as mere accent pieces.

Consider a monochromatic scheme. A monochromatic scheme makes a room seem clean, even if it’s not. Most people with a monochromatic scheme choose all-white pieces like bedding, furniture, and window treatments. If you’re not using all-white furniture, make sure to incorporate contrasting elements with your scheme. If your bedding is white, but the rest of the room is all-black, make sure you have a rug with at least some hint of colour in it.

You don’t have to stick to all-white bedroom ideas, though. The bedroom could be decorated in much colour. It’s up to you. If you want a stark monochromatic room, you can do that by choosing just one strong colour, either dark or light, to balance the room. On the other hand, you can mix up the tones in your colour scheme. If you have a black bed and a beautiful piece of lace, you can easily go for a deep red or turquoise comforter and use that as a focal point in your bedroom.

Use off-white bedroom furniture, too. You’ll find it easy to match a contemporary piece of furniture to the white walls, especially if the furniture is made out of wood. Some great options for off-white furniture include beds with wooden frames, dressers made from wood (all sizes), and sofas with white, metal, or Lucite upholstery. Use these kinds of furniture to create a minimalist feel in your bedroom, or to contrast with the black and white wallpaper and black bedding. Your white furniture will still be able to stand out because it’s so bold. Even your walls will be beautiful, because they’re almost black.

One last tip: If you don’t have a theme, but you know you want bright colours, don’t shy away from using a range of different tones for your white bedroom furniture and the bedding. Use one or two strong shades, such as robin’s egg blue, or a range of light or pastel colours. A unique focal point can really pull a room together.

Bedroom ideas are often about texture, too – and you’ll definitely want your white bedroom to have a lot of texture to set it apart from all the other bedrooms in the house. Make your bed into a mosaic, then cover your walls and ceiling with texture to create a 3D effect. Add wooden details to the floor, and frame your mirrors on top of exposed brick walls. These are just some quick ideas to get you started – but if you keep your eye out for ideas, you’ll soon have your very own great space to sleep in!