Bedroom Paint Colors That Will Make Your Nights Loveable

Romantic bedroom paint colors have got to be chosen carefully to bring out that special romantic mood in you and your partner. Romantic colors for bedroom ideas should bold and romantic using mainly neutral and light pastels. White, black and beige are simply lovely because they relax your spirit and make the room very cute. The trick is to select the right shades of those colors and then use them together harmoniously.

Here are a few tips for selecting romantic bedroom paint colors that will add that special something special to your bedroom. First, think about the color scheme of the rest of the house and how your bedroom looks from that. You would probably be looking for colors to contrast with each other. If you have lighter colored walls and carpet, dark chocolate or rose pink might be what you are seeking for. A touch of purple or yellow might be perfect for those with very dark skin tones.

Second, look at the fabric on which the curtains are made. Try to get some that are sheer in texture and have a very rich feel to them. The heavy, dark velvet drapes are probably the best romantic bedroom paint colors. On the other hand, if you prefer sheer wood with a touch of shimmering accents, you can go for the same effect but with pale wood polish and some elegantly curved fabric swags.

Third, look at the paint colors that you have on the wall and the accessories that also match it. This might seem obvious, but many women still don’t pay attention to this detail. If you are looking for jewel tones, use pale blue, turquoise and emerald shades. If your accessories all come in white, you can use almost any shade of white for your romantic space, as long as it has some hint of a colored hue.

Fourth, be open to your imagination. Sure, you have your standard bedroom wall colors ideas, but you can always shake things up a bit by mixing things up. Wear a pastel silk shirt over black velvet for a cool and romantic feel in your room. Or go for a rich burgundy color with soft accents of pink or blue.

Fifth, use a vibrantly colored window treatment. These days you can find beautiful curtains that come in just about any color you can imagine. Look for ones with subtle beiges, but be sure to avoid light blues and purples. Use these shades for accent walls and to complement your bedding. Even plain window treatments can add some romance to a room.

Finally, consider the textures and sheen of your chosen bedroom paint colors. One way to create a romantic feel in a room is by choosing shades and hues that have a slightly antique appearance. Soft floral accents, gold framed mirrors, and jewel tones add just the right touch. You can also go with antique finishes and rich embellishments like ribbons and lace. These types of accents create a romantic ambiance, even if they are not “traditional.”

The key to making your room romantic is to use colors that do not appear harsh by themselves. For example, you might use sage green and add some deep forest green curtains. The shades and hues do not have to be identical; you just need a complementary effect. A well-done romantic bedroom will take advantage of the warmth and beauty of true romance. Choose colors wisely, and you will have a charming and romantic place to sleep for many nights to come.