Creating the Boho Romantic Bedroom

Boho romantic bedroom designs combine ethnic style with feminine sophistication. You will find strong influences of India, Mexico and Brazil in the designs you will find. These cultures have beautiful cultural roots and romanticized colors and patterns. Many people today want to decorate their bedrooms with this exotic look, which is rich with color and texture. A book bedspread or comforter set can add that special touch.

Boho style can be described as a type of Indian rustic or Caribbean casual style. Boho is really a colloquial term for a number of cultural and ethnic sub-cultures originating from countries in South America. There are common elements of Caribbean, Indian, African and Polynesian cultures that have been popularized in the design concepts of the body style. The bedroom decor should reflect these cultural influences while still providing an individual expression. The primary colors commonly used are blacks and browns with bright oranges, reds, yellows, blues and greens.

Choose rich dark solid colors such as burgundy, chocolate brown or burnt rust red. Try dark solid stripes as well as animal prints. Lighter earth tones work great as well. The accessories should include textured fabrics, silks, brocades and brocade jewelry. Look for interesting fabrics in unusual places. Brochures and tapestries are excellent choices.

Another way to decorate a boys bedroom is to keep it very casual and simple. Keep it comfortable and uncluttered. Accessories may include little Indian decorative items like necklaces, turquoise beads and beaded brooches. Smaller tables and chairs with some flowers or accent colors can be included in the room. Add an area rug for foot traffic. A couple of boys lamps placed in candle holders add soft light.

This room has a lot of possibilities. One great item is a tiny radio that you can run by your bedside. You can play your favorite music while you are sleeping. It will be soothing and relaxing. You can also find interesting baskets, especially if you have an Indian theme.

If you want to buy some Indian jewelry or souvenirs, you can browse an online store. There are many online stores that specialize in ethnic or Indian items. You can buy beautiful pieces at affordable prices. Some popular items include necklaces made of pearls, beaded belts with leather pouches and colorful cushions decorated with Indian designs.

An interesting accent for this book room is Indian furniture. An Indian rug makes a perfect addition to any bed set. A small bath bed is just the right size for a cozy look. An embroidered comforter and mosquito net curtains look nice on a small bed.

The Indians are not just known for their beautiful jewelry and bedding. They are also known for their style and comfort. Adding a boho bedroom theme to your room will make it just that…a paradise. You will enjoy spending time in your boho bedroom splayed out in front of the mirror, enjoying your body and your style!

Your Indian accessories should be as unique as your body bedspread. Use interesting pouches to display your jewelry or other Indian accessories. Use bold and large crystal beads to decorate your necklaces. Try hanging an interesting piece of artwork or a mirror that is painted Indian themed. Don’t be afraid to mix and match your accessories; they can really enhance the look of your room!

Boho bags, scarves, and clutches are among the most popular accessories you will find for your boho bedroom. Indian handbags and Native American handcrafted items are among the most popular for you to use in your room. Indian blankets and throws will make wonderful accent pillows. Indian jewelry is another popular accent for Indian-inspired accessories.

You don’t have to stick with boho accessories. You can mix and match different items from different ethnic traditions. Mix a bit of Mexican culture into your boho bedroom. Wear a sarong, a poncho, and sombrero to give yourself a festive touch. Wear authentic Indian jewelry made by Native American Indians.

A boy bedroom is the perfect setting for a romantic date. Create your own romantic atmosphere in your boho bedroom with Indian decor and accessories. Use your imagination. You will be amazed at what you can create using the Indian style.