Decorating Your Bedroom For Romance

Romance is important for a healthy and happy life, and the bedroom is the perfect place to infuse a little romance into your daily life. Here are some tips for decorating your bedroom for romance.

Romance-Themed Accessories

If you’re feeling inspired to decorate your bedroom for romance, consider adding some romantic accessories. Bunnies, hearts and roses are a few of the classic symbols for romance, but you can also make it a theme by adding potted plants, candles and other romantic accessories.

If you’re not big on designing a whole room for your love life, then consider hanging some love phrases or declarations on the wall. We’ve collected several quote wall hangings to inspire your room design. A few favorites include: “A love that blooms slowly does not fail but a love that blossoms quickly shall pass away,” and “Never too much love, never too little, but always just right.

If you love lingerie, you know it’s not only beautiful, it’s intimate too. Your lingerie sets will always be a beautiful piece of clothing to wear.

Add Red And Purple Accents

To give your bedroom a more adult-feel, get rid of all the gold and blue from your bedroom décor. If you have only a few ornaments in your bedroom, add a pop of red and purple. These colors will give your room a romantic feel.

Display your favorite art in the bedroom and dedicate a large piece of art to your date or partner. You could display a few of your family photographs as well.

Washrooms have always been a place for romance, but the bedroom has the same romantic appeal. In fact, many people fantasize about their partner in the shower, so why not create a romance corner?

Romantic Bedding

As you can tell by the title, you want to make the bedroom a romantic haven to sit back and unwind in. However, it’s important to keep your bed a place for rest and relaxation, as not to leave any chores undone, but you also need to keep in mind that a romantic bedroom can have all sorts of different décor, so don’t be afraid to be inventive.

If you have found the perfect sheets to complement your bedroom, then go ahead and try to replicate their style and design in your sheets.

If you’re like me and don’t want to deal with all the trial and error that comes with experimenting, then why not order new sheets for your new bedroom in order to give your romantic space that extra touch of romance. One of my favorite things to do in the bedroom is to get dressed up.

Incorporate Scents

The room should smell like you and only you. Scented candles and oils are ideal for adding this extra romance. Sitting above the bed Artwork, such as an animal-shaped lamp or a replica of a painting, can be a source of humor and excitement.

To create a more intimate setting, hang a picture of you and your partner. Place it on top of a decorative table and look at it while you are in bed.

Another alternative would be to place an armchair at the end of the bed. Then sit in it and bring your partner a drink while talking in bed.

Romantic Light Fixtures

A romantic bedroom needs a bit of brightness and light to reflect love and romance. Light can be the best and most romantic source of romance in the bedroom. You can select light fixtures that have an understated elegance or a bright and eye-catching look.

Looking for decorative light shades? Look at the Lehner Daylight Shades collection, available at Niemann Marcus. These light shades have an extra wide section that can help improve the lighting and bring the mood to an even higher level.


Even if you have a bad mattress, great lamps and tasteful furniture, you can still create an impressive bedroom with just a bit of love. What does your bedroom look like? What does your partner’s look like? Do you have the same bed?

If you’re interested in improving your bedroom, start with the basics. Pick a decorating style, pick a color scheme, get some furniture, and start building your home from scratch. I’m here to talk about building a badass bed that will inspire you. And no, you don’t need a gorilla to do it.