Different Types of Attic Bedroom Ideas

Attic bedrooms have been designed to maximise the space that is available in a small room – they work great for any home as they are usually bigger than your average bedroom, have more space, and they are much cheaper. A lot of people opt for attic bedroom ideas when building their first home as they are usually easier to achieve and give you more flexibility with the interior design. However, when you are considering an attic bedroom there are a number of things that need to be considered. The first thing to think about is where the bed will be, and this is something that can be solved in one of two ways. You could place the bed against the wall, or you could choose to place the bed in a corner and extend the door to that corner, or else place the bed against a sofa, chest of drawers, or even an end table. If you are thinking about extending your existing bedroom, then this is the best way to go about it.

One of the most popular attic bedroom ideas for transforming the space is to add skylights. Skylights are not new on the market – they have been used for centuries as storage facilities and light fittings and have been perfect for the upper stories of buildings for quite some time. The reason for this is that skylights provide natural light that filters through the ceiling and floors, allowing for a fantastic atmosphere to be created without using artificial lighting, which is especially important if your room is not to be used for reading purposes. Skylights can also be a great way to bring the outdoors into your bedroom, creating a wonderful outdoor experience in your own space.

Another popular attic bedroom ideas is to use the vertical space to create a storage space. This can be achieved in many ways, and the most popular is to have built-in cupboards. These can be fitted to the walls, floor or ceiling and feature a choice of suspended shelves and cabinets, or are fully lined and feature wall-mounted cabinets. You can install an upper space-saving door to save floor space and include hooks and rods to hang bags and shopping bags. To finish off the storage space, consider fitting a cupboard under the bed to create a dresser.

Another idea for your attic bedroom ideas is to use large windows to allow light to flood through. One of the problems with large windows is that they mean that you must have the rest of the room cleared to fit large windows and may need to include more open floor space to allow for the opening. If you do not have enough open floor space, then wall-hung furniture with skirting is the only option, as hanging furniture means that there is no free wall space to allow for the hanging of drawers and cabinets. If you really want to save on the floor space, then consider removing a wall between the living room and the bedroom – this can easily be achieved by removing a wall from the staircase or even moving doors further away from the room.

You can also feature wall-mounted cupboards against the wall as an extra storage space. Many modern homes now come equipped with fitted wardrobes which feature space to store clothes, along with a built-in bench. The benefit of using fitted wardrobes is that they take up as much space as necessary, are incredibly easy to fit, and can feature wall-mounted compartments, which make it easy to identify clothes. Alternatively, you could install an upstairs laundry room, or a lower level utility room.

For bedroom interior design with an African theme, you could look at filling the attic with wooden chests and larders to hold mementos from travels to Africa. You could use colorful rope to hang these chests and use a bright colored cloth to line the compartments. If you wish, you could fill the compartments with stuffed and feathered creatures, as well as a variety of different kinds of wood. Add cushions, pillows and a few throw pillows from your children’s bedding to complete the look.

Guest rooms, particularly the attic bedroom ideas seen in African homes, are often smaller than the main living area. This makes them ideal for guest bedrooms, and many have a private space that can be used for guests. Many homes in Africa have spaces that are used for guests, and these often have a separate entrance, or an area of a room which can be used as a guest bedroom when desired. If you wish to feature an area for a guest bedroom, you could have an area to convert into a study, or an area of the loft which can be converted into a study or craft area.

Barn conversion attic bedroom ideas give you an amazing amount of space to work with. You could opt for an open plan kitchen, or a kitchen which has drawers and cupboards above and below. You could have a section of the loft used as a study, with your own desk, chair and perhaps even an entertainment center, or you could have a more secluded area and use the walls for storage space, have a loft bed or even have a study and sewing space.