French Decorating Ideas Can Add a Touch of Elegance to Your Bedroom

If you are planning for a French romantic bedroom, you can find many inspirations and ideas on the internet. You may also check out some local home improvement stores for old French mirrors or other items that you can use. You can create your own French romantic theme and save money. Here are some ideas that you may want to consider: Cover the windows in Parma black slate mosaic. Paint the room with lime green/blue water-based eggshell over gray and white wallpaper.

Build the headboard with 12mm (0. 1947) MDF. Cover the remaining wall in antique cream fabric with gray wallpaper and add a border to each side of the panel. Bamboo baskets with iron and turquoise needlework can be used to create window decorations. Add blue lace accents to your pillow shams. Use silver and black fringe to make up a colorful border on the bottom of your dresser.

Use a vinyl storage album with an actual weight capacity of 400lbs to store your bed linens. Place this album inside your French romance bedroom vanity. Plug in a modern electric fan and run it while it is still on. This will generate hot air, which heats up the room.

Your French bedroom decorating does not end here! You can add lighting effects with pendants and sconces. The chandeliers can be in crystal glass or crystal metal. The wrought-iron chandeliers look absolutely stunning in the French style bedroom.

French kissing pillows can also be used in your French bedroom decorating. You can purchase pillow covers with kiss marks on them. Purchase some lace or tapestry patterns too. These pillows are the perfect accent for your French style bedroom. The silk throw pillows can also be used as a decorative accent piece.

A beautiful touch that will enhance your French inspired bedroom is the use of vintage French beds. The beds can be purchased in solid mahogany or stained cherry wood. There are also metal beds available. If you choose the metallic beds, you should add vintage French doors panels to your bedroom door panels.

French bedroom decorating ideas need not be limited to pillows and window treatments. Your lamps and paintings can also be the focal points of your room. Try purchasing some old lace window boxes that can be hung from your ceiling track. These boxes can be displayed above your dressing table. Your Victorian dressing mirror can also be displayed above your doorway, to add a romantic touch to your French bedroom decorating ideas.

Some more great Vintage French mirrors that you can consider including a vintage French door mirror, a vintage French dressing mirror, and even a vintage French wardrobe mirror. You can easily find these items at any online retailer that sells accessories for your French bedroom decorating ideas. Some of the retailers that sell a wide variety of bedroom decorating products are Bed, Bath and Beyond, Linens and Things, Target, Wal-Mart and K-Mart. In addition, if you don’t see what you are looking for, you can always check out the antique shops in your area. Don’t forget to look in your attic either!

If you want to add a little something more to your bedroom, you may want to consider purchasing a few vintage French beds. A vintage bed is definitely a great way to add a touch of France to your bedroom. If you don’t have the budget for a whole French bed collection, perhaps just a vintage French bedroom decorating ideas French beds are the next best thing to owning one!

For some people, just having beautiful French beds in their bedroom is enough. However, many people want their bedroom to be decorated with as much French accent as possible. There are some beautiful French bedroom decorating ideas that include using some lace, antique French mirrors, and even some old pictures of France. You can certainly add a little something of France to your home by simply using some beautiful French accent pieces.

For those of you who want to go all out, you can actually incorporate both vintage French furniture as well as French accent pieces throughout your bedroom. One great idea is to purchase a few different pieces of French furniture such as a grand piano, or an old bookcase. You can then decorate your French bedroom decorating ideas bedroom with these items as well as place vintage mirrors around the room. Adding beautiful French mirrors to your decor will help you achieve the appearance of being somewhere in France.

Another great way to create a French feel to your bedroom is to add some candles. Candles provide a romantic, charming feel to any space, and this is especially true in a bedroom. Try purchasing some antique candles with an old scene on the front, or create a new scene yourself by using frosted glass. You can use candles in several different ways to achieve the look of Paris that you want. Simply browse through some of the ideas for French bedroom decorating ideas that you can find online.