Grey Bedroom Decor – Two Simple Bedroom Ideas To Make Yours Look New!

Grey bedroom ideas are becoming increasingly popular thanks to beautiful spring weather. The colours of the sky and the earth combine to create some wonderful tones. However, there is nothing quite as dramatic as grey bedroom furniture. Tones of grey are great for promoting the feeling of elegance and sophistication in any home.

A great way to tuck a room into the background and create a dramatic faux focal point is with grey paint. To duplicate this simple but effective grey bedroom ideas, simply outline where the bed will be and mark it out with a sharp pencil. Next, use masking tape to hold the paint in place, and then carefully paint in the grey square with the right shade of colour. To give the effect that the bed is actually floating in mid air, lightly cover the entire bed with white paper or fabric, making sure it is a dark enough shade of grey to match the decor. Finally, tuck in some white bed linen at the bottom of the frame to complete the look of the room.

When you are working on grey bedroom ideas, it is important to remember the fact that textures can be used to great effect. This is true for both painted and natural surfaces, and you can even create your own texture using textures such as leather and vinyl. For example, if you have a lovely wooden chest that you would like to incorporate as part of your modern bedroom decor, paint a white texture overtop of the wood, using a darker shade of grey to complement the lighter shades of pineal and mahogany. This creates a wonderfully textured surface that can be accented by a variety of different textures.

Painted surfaces are great for grey bedroom ideas because of the ability they have to stand out and look interesting. The right paint can be a really focal point, drawing the eye right into the image on the surface. Paint can also be a great way to bring a textured or irregular surface into focus. For example, painted wooden headboards can be a great way to create a unique effect with painted wooden frames, giving a unique style that is different than typical headboards that are flat or rectangular in shape.

In addition to painting surfaces, textures can be used to great effect in grey bedroom ideas, especially when combined with dark grey colours. Think about incorporating a marble counter top with a glass top, for example. This can be a very dramatic combination, and will easily lend itself to a contemporary look that incorporates darker colours. Using a glass top over a marble counter top, however, gives you a contrasting effect that is more reminiscent of a traditional chandelier.

One other great way to add some grey bedroom decor is to incorporate a great piece of wall art. Whether it’s framed or unframed, having a well framed piece of artwork above your dresser or night stand can give it a little character. Wall art is also a great way to dress up a room if you’re not interested in painting, but just want to put some more character into the space. You can frame a painting that you love, or use a frame from an old CD that you never wear. Anything that holds a little bit of character in your bedroom will help it to stay interesting and unique.

Grey bedroom ideas can also revolve around textured wallpaper or walls, or even a soft rug in one colour to give it a softer edge. These elements can work together to create a relaxing, calming scheme that is perfect for a time when you are ready to get back to sleeping. Rugs are a wonderful way to add some texture to a room, because they are soft, cozy and can match many different coloured walls.

Bedroom curtains should be simple and elegant, with a few basic patterns to choose from. One of the simplest patterns to look at is a checkerboard design. Checkers are perfect for grey walls because they are simple, yet dramatic. Some other patterns for curtains include stripes, plaids and florals. If you have light fixtures in a couple of different rooms that need to look uniformed, you can easily find grey walls that match this scheme by finding a simple curtain with the same pattern.