Marriage Room Decor Ideas For Romantic Bedrooms

If you and your spouse have been married for some time, you may be feeling a little nostalgic about the good old days of your marriage. We all remember those cozy, loving bedrooms that felt more like a vacation than a marriage. It seems like all the romance from when we were younger has somehow made its way into our bedrooms. Wouldn’t it be nice to feel those same feelings every night? With a few simple changes, you can easily create a romantic bedroom for your husband and wife.

Bedrooms are meant for intimacy, so romance is an obvious choice for bedroom decor. Soft, flowing curtains in beautiful colors are perfect for romantic settings. Use soft lace curtains to frame your windows and let the curtains flow on the bed to frame your curves. The bed should be the central focus of the bedroom, not the windows. Remember to use contrasting colors as well; a white bed with a brown or gray throw over it would be very romantic.

Another bedroom decor trick is to keep the furniture uncluttered. Keep the floor covered with throw pillows or a rug. This makes the room look bigger and helps it feel open and less cramped. Don’t forget to bring the books you love to read out of your bedroom – they’ll brighten up the room.

You probably know what I’m talking about when I say don’t put anything on your bed that is going to make it feel like a bathroom. You don’t want to wake up in the morning and feel like you have to go pee because you forgot your box of candy in the middle of the night. Be tasteful with the bedroom decor and put in pieces that show affection and love. A basket of flowers by the bedside is lovely, but if you really want to send out a romantic message, play some sexy music and display a love-inspired piece of artwork.

Bedroom decorating ideas for couples don’t have to be limited to romantic touches. Consider other forms of intimacy too. How about some candles in the room, or some scented oils or bath beads? These can really add to a sense of romance in the bedroom.

In addition to bedroom decor, you could also make the bedroom a more romantic place by putting in a fireplace. A roaring fire can make a cozy spot for two to talk in a soothing voice. Try turning a wood burning stove into an urn for a special someone. Or you could turn a desk into a special place where you can hide and adore him. (Or her.)

If you don’t have a fireplace or just don’t feel like having one, you could still create a romantic environment in your bedroom. Put in some sheer curtains to let the sun’s warm glow in. Add a romantic scent, such as cherry or lavender to make it feel like you’re in a castle. You could even put in a TV that plays soft music of the beach.

No matter what type of bedroom decor you choose, remember that romance is all about being happy with the both of you. Spending time doing things together is the most important thing. When you want to be together, nothing beats spending time in each other’s company. This is true no matter how you spend your time in the bedroom.

Spend time alone together doing things that make you feel good. Reading, talking, laughing, and just being together are the most important things in creating the bedroom atmosphere of love. Just remember to be genuine with yourself and show your feelings. The more real you are, the more genuine your feelings will be.

If you are trying to get your husband or wife to fall in love with you again, show him/her what love is really about. Create a special bedroom for your spouse by adding the perfect touches of romance to it. Turn a boring bedroom into a bedroom that is only for you and him/her. If you are stuck on how to proceed, try putting in a special item that will remind them of your love for each other.

You two are truly a special couple. And this is especially so if you two have been married for many years. This does not mean though that you cannot enjoy life and create wonderful memories without having to start all over again. Keep the fire of love burning within you both and do not ever stop trying to improve your relationship with each other. Remember, it took a lot of hard work to get where you are today so do not allow life to come easy just because you have married.