Modern Bedroom Ideas – Choose Your Colors Wisely

Modern bedrooms do not focus on today’s big fashion trends; rather, they ensure to follow timeless style guidelines. If you are stuck with your choice of furniture for your bedroom, then why not try using retro bedroom furniture? You can use retro bedroom furniture as a great way to up the style quotient of your bedroom. Just like the name suggests, retro furniture conveys retro styling that is reminiscent of the past decades when everything was classy and stylish.

Rustic bedroom design ideas incorporate natural materials such as wood, leather and stone. You can also add vintage accessories to give your walls a touch of classic charm. The key to designing a modern rustic bedroom is making your walls have a texture that mirrors those found in the past. In other words, your rustic bedroom ideas should capture elements of art, nature and history to create an environment that has a timeless appeal. Here are some modern rustic bedroom ideas that will help you bring the feel of the old into your home.

If you are fond of warm browns and creams, then linen is a great choice for your modern bedroom ideas. Sheer linen in shades of beige, cream is ideal for creating a casual or contemporary look. For example, if you love the old Hollywood movies with sepia colour frames, you can use a shade of pale grey linen with modish curved corners. A linen bedspread with this combination of shade and pattern will look absolutely stunning and create a unique focal point in the room.

Bedroom interiors are always important and one essential item of decorating ideas for modern bedrooms is bed linen. Bed linens are usually high in quality and because it is made from natural fibres, it breathes new life into your bedding. Choose a linen that is made from organic cotton so that you are supporting the eco credentials of your chosen company. There are many brands that offer organic bed linens. If you want a bit more luxury and choose an ultra smooth finish, look for luxury bed linen. Luxury bed linens have delicate edges and a lustrous shine.

One of the most stylish and modern bedroom ideas is incorporating a modern style headboard. For a contemporary style bedroom, a black-and-white headboard is ideal. Black-and-white contrasting embroidery creates a stunning statement. For a more sophisticated appearance, choose a plain black velvet headboard.

If you love modern bedroom decorating ideas that include sleek modern styles, then you’ll love the sleek chrome finish of chrome faucets. Look for sleek chrome handles in metal frames that feature bold, metallic finishes. Or, try a brushed nickel finish. Chrome faucets can be complimented with complementary stainless steel hardware.

If you prefer a more neutral hue, consider earth tones. The earth tones that match these colors can be monochromatic, but you can complement them with accent pillows that are in solid, earth tones. Another color that is versatile and works well in most spaces is white. White can be incorporated into the modern design scheme in almost any hue from cool to warm, as long as it is kept toned down or beige.

If you want a classic look in your bedroom, then you should probably stick with earth tones and solid color palettes. For modern bedroom decorating ideas that are inspired by the classic bedroom, choose a wall sconce that features a wrought iron frame with colorful details. You can find these sconces at most home stores. Or, add some pendant lights to the room to create the right ambiance. A floor lamp with a wooden base is also a great choice to set the mood.