Red Romantic Bedroom Design and Romantic Curtains

Red, pink, black – all colors may be used to create a romantic atmosphere, but red is the color that symbolizes romance. Many people associate this color with love and romance. Whether it is from the red roses that have been sent to your sweetheart on Valentine’s Day or the candy boxes that you get for Valentine’s Day that have the red color schemes on them, red has always been a favorite with women.

When planning your red and white romantic bedroom ideas, you will want to choose decor that is rich, classy, and luxurious. You may want to choose the decadent style of Eudora Neve with its Italian Leather and Red Accents. This romantic theme is available in two different variations: soft pink or the classic black and white design. You can accent your beds with the accents of Eudora Neve in cream or in black with accents of pink.

The romantic feel of this color may be achieved by using many furniture pieces that are red. Red accented pieces such as antique bedside tables, armoires, and jewelery set the stage for a romantic ambiance. When you are decorating with accents, remember to place them where they will make a statement without overwhelming the room. Red can be used effectively against white in the form of accent rugs that will add warmth and a sense of romance to your bedroom.

Some pros of red bedroom furniture pieces include: A feeling of romance and intimacy when entering your bedroom at night. Red makes the room feel like it is deep in nature with the twinkling lights of the fireplaces and the quiet hum of your personal stereo. A romantic mood can be achieved by choosing light pink or lavender colors for your walls and using red accents on your furniture. The color can help you achieve a romantic look without being too feminine or sexy.

Pros of a romantic interior bedroom… Your bathroom, with all its personal touches and charm, can be transformed into a romantic haven. A candle scented heated towel rack, candleholders, and photo frames all add a touch of romance to your master bathroom. You can create a romantic feel in your bedroom…

Pros of a red valance… Red can be very sexy when mixed with other colors. Red accents give you a certain sensuality. One of the pros of a red valance is that it can add height to any chair. Red has the ability to make a small chair seem very grand and adds elegance to any overall room design.

Pros of a red velvet bed… Red is the color of romance…or at least it seems that way to me. Red is a very romantic color, and a great accent to any bedroom decor ideas, interior design and more. The color is so soft and subtle that you don’t have to worry about it being noticed.

Cons of a red valance… I’m not sure what the downside is…I suppose I’d get tired of it by the end of the year. Maybe the next red valance I buy will last all year. So maybe I’ll go with black for the rest of this year and then decide…Hmmm…maybe I’ll try green this year?

Pros of the color, and yes I’ve seen these in magazines, books and on TV. Now here are some home romantic bedroom lighting ideas to inspire you. Lamps with romantic sconces on them set on a bed of reds and black are the number one choice. Combine that with a beautiful chandelier in the middle of the ceiling and you have some stunning home romantic bedroom lighting ideas.

If your looking for more color here are a few more bedroom ideas, interior design and more. The bedroom curtains in red are always a nice accent piece. They bring a touch of romance and love. The bedroom curtains in red, black or white can set the mood for romance, or you can choose something a little more elegant. A red valance with gold trimmed grosgrain lace and a matching window treatment of red and gold would be beautiful and set the mood too.

For the walls there are some beautiful, traditional, romantic curtains. Picture a Victorian style with pretty floral prints and intricately designed damask covered curtain rod. Or go with an old style with an old rose printed curtain rod and pretty floral window treatments. Either way…enjoy your red room!