Romantic Bedroom Color Schemes – Get Your Romantic Colors on the Bedroom Floor

Romantic bedroom color schemes are all the rage right now. I can see why. A romantic bedroom gets to be just that; romantic. That is what sets it apart from any other bedroom, the room of the future bride. There is just something about putting on those lace or satin pajamas in the morning. I just know it puts me in the mood to be writing.

The bedroom is the most romantic space in the house. When we are decorating our bedrooms many times we leave out certain things. Bedroom is like heaven and sometimes that heaven comes with beautiful decorating ideas. Beautiful romantic bedroom color schemes for your bedroom. Discussed here are some ideas for romantic bedroom color schemes.

Decorative touches around a romantic bedroom can add romance to a room. We have had success using candles in romantic paint colors for a romantic look. If you have a bed head full of hair and make it all beautiful with silky satin ribbons then use a spray bottle of romantic paint colors and use them all over the room to create romantic paint colors. This is especially effective if you have an ornate canopy bed.

Our inspiration for romantic decor ideas came from our own home decor. Many of us have decorated our bedrooms with notes written by our mothers, our love letters to our parents and romantic poetry tucked away in paper boxes. These are some of the most romantic places in our homes, in our hearts and in our minds. That is why our bedroom decor ideas are always romantic in nature.

Romantic ideas for decorating come from many sources. We use paintings, photos and fabric swatches to inspire our color schemes. In fact one of our master bedroom ideas is inspired by a collage of photos of roses we found in our mother’s closet. Using a red rose as a focal point on a white bed made of white fabric is such a romantic idea. On a more serious note one of our mom’s master bedroom ideas was to paint her name in indigo on a wall with a scalloped iron frame. This is still on the walls, but she has it framed with a wrought iron crescent-shaped table-end.

Paint color ideas can be from books or magazines or even from your own imagination. One of our favorites is a color scheme that is inspired by our favorite colors. We use pink and orange together for a sweet princess theme. Pink gingham curtains with a few purple flowers on the ends are perfect accents to the pink and orange color scheme. For a winter scene, we used silver and black as our inspiration for romantic colors.

Other romantic color design ideas include light green and gold schemes. If you like the feel of warm chocolate, try incorporating it into a romantic Valentine color scheme. With pink accents on a bedding set, this would be an ideal Christmas present for your sweetheart. A pair of French cut velvet curtains in rich chocolate red would be just the right touch on a fireplace mantel. For Valentine’s Day, you could create a color combination of deep oranges and reds with a striped red valance over an exquisite French toile bedspread.

Our granddaddy’s romantic bedroom ideas were inspired by the colorful ocean scenes outside their home. They chose a beautiful beach chair that was dotted with seashells and placed it by their window. On a bright spring day they enjoyed the sunshine while sipping coffee and nibbling on popcorn on a plush armchair. The striped sheets and pillowcases were an interesting contrast of soft pastels and rich chocolate. The result was romantic and elegant.