Romantic Bedroom Ideas For Couples – 10 Fabulous Bedroom Decor

There are lots of options for romantic bedroom ideas for couples. These ideas can be used to make the bedroom a romantic setting in which to get closer and spend more time together. Here are some very easy, but romantic bedroom ideas for couples that can be done within a budget: Create a play space inside a play room: Some people have playspaces in their homes, and they often turn them into great places for family nights out and to simply play. Find a corner in a wall or in a corner of a room and take out all of the toys and stuff that don’t belong there. Make it like a play room and add a couch, a few chairs and a beanbag or two to turn it into a real play space. This way the kids don’t clutter up the room and the two of you can spend more time together.

Use throw pillows around the bed: Throw pillows make great bedding and great pillowcases too! One of the best things about throw pillows is that they can be covered in bed sheets if you don’t want to use sheets. Or they can be made into a bed by covering the mattress in throw pillows. You can use a few throw pillows to make the bed look bigger. Just remember not to put two throw pillows on the top of the bed because it will overcrowd the room.

Buy a duvet and spread the duvet covers over the mattress: duvets come in all shapes and sizes and have many different filling options. You can get pillows with throw pillows underneath them or you can get a single larger pillow and place it on each side of the duvet. Either way, make sure that the pillow will cover the entire mattress. If you want to get a wider bed, then purchase a duvet cover that has 26 inches or more and sit it on top of the duvet.

Add some mood lighting with sconces and wall sconces: One of the most romantic bedroom ideas for couples is to use sconces as lighting for your bed. Not only do sconces give off a romantic glow, they also add some soft lighting. Sconces can be purchased in a variety of styles and sizes. You can purchase ones that sit on the floor or you can get ones that sit on the table top.

Put up curtains in the room: Many couples like to use curtains in their bedroom ideas for couples. Why? Because curtains can be very romantic and have a relaxing effect on the eye. If your windows are plain then adding some curtains will add interest to it as well as a softer glow from the sunlight.

Use candles in the room: Candles are one of the best romantic bedroom ideas for couples out there. If you and your spouse are big fans of scented candles then why not put them up and see how it sets the mood? Candles can be used in a couple of different ways. Firstly, they can set the mood for romance by giving off a soft glow that makes you feel warm and sleepy; or secondly, candles can give off an attractive light that can create a romantic feel in the room.

Get a matching comforter set: Comforters can be bought separately or you can buy a comforter and matching pillows to go along with it. There are a number of different types of comforter set available on the market today. Some sets include a bed sheet, pillowcases, and curtains which give a very nice coziness to your bedroom. However, if you want your bed to have a little more style then you could choose a comforter set which comes with a matching duvet cover and even has a matching valance, which is a nice touch.

Put in some lighting: Lighting is one of the most important elements of creating a romantic feel. Without the right kind of lighting most rooms become cold and gloomy, whereas with the right kind of lighting you can add a touch of romance to it. Most couples don’t really bother about lighting too much, as they’re usually focused on the softness of their love making. However, you should really put effort into putting in some good lighting into the room if you want to achieve the desired effect. The best thing to do is to light a couple of candles or use a love-inspired love-bulb to give the right amount of lights into the room. Romantic couples definitely know how important lights and candles are in set the mood!