Bedroom Ideas For Small Rooms

Are you in search of bedroom ideas for small rooms? There are literally hundreds of ideas that can help make your small bedroom a cozy oasis in the home. Here’s a look at some great bedroom ideas for small rooms:

*A bedside table is an extremely useful addition to any bedroom. An elegant bedside table can provide extra storage for clothes and linens, or it can be used as a small dining area by day and a cozy sleeping area by night. For a bedroom with limited space, opt for the free standing bedside table that will slide out into the floor. This frees up valuable floor space for other uses, such as a vanity or dressing area. The storage-friendly design of the bedside table gives you lots of options for how to best utilize the space under it.

*Shared beds are another great bedroom idea for small rooms. Many couples share a bedroom, but often there is not enough space to accommodate both individuals who share the bedroom. In these cases, a bunk bed or futon bed makes a wonderful solution for two people who need to sleep closely together. Bunk beds are great for guest rooms because they are so small that they can easily be stacked away when not in use.

*Use light colored furniture for small rooms. White, grey, or off-white colors are excellent choices to bring warmth and a sense of space to any bedroom. These colors also tend to blend into the background better than darker colors, allowing you to create a cozy, small guest room feel.

*Eco-friendly fabrics and furniture make great bedroom decorating pieces. Fabrics such as cotton, polyester, and bamboo can all be eco-friendly, and they will allow your teenager to express herself more fully while enjoying a more earth-friendly living environment. To make sure your teen has the most environmentally friendly bedroom, make sure to choose fabrics that use only natural dyes, such as organic cotton.

*Use accessories to decorate a small space easily and inexpensively. If you are decorating a bedroom for someone older than yourself, make sure you choose pieces that have timeless qualities and are made from quality materials. If you are decorating a bedroom for a teenager who is still in high school, then you can get away with using funky, fun accessories that are made for young adults. Remember to also pick furniture that has plenty of storage, such as shelves and a few bureaus to keep their belongings organized. In addition, if you want a warm and cozy bedroom, then consider purchasing a quilt or blanket that will help provide warmth and comfort during the night.

*Use floor space to your advantage. Unlike larger bedrooms, a tiny bedroom often has limited floor space, which can be utilized in creative ways. For example, instead of placing two twin beds on one large piece of carpet, try putting them side by side on the same boxy furniture. By using this tactic, you will be able to maximize the amount of floor space available for use. This will make it easier for you to walk around and rearrange your furniture without knocking things over.

*Use mirrors to create a “big” look. Mirrors can be used to add depth to a small bedroom, especially if you get a glass or mirrored top on your mirror. This can make your bedroom look larger, giving it a welcoming vibe and a sense of space. Furthermore, if your bedroom is painted a different color than the wall you are painting it on, a painted mirror can really lend an extra depth to your bedroom. With so many different bedroom decorating ideas for tiny bedrooms, you’re sure to find one that suits you!