Small Bedroom Decorating Ideas That Are Not So Small

The color white can be a good choice for small bedroom ideas. It keeps the room from looking overcrowded or cramped. Painting your small bedroom white also will make it seem larger. Using lighter shades or white brings attention to the ceiling, walls, and floor.

A good place to begin with small bedroom ideas is to build a headboard on the side of your bed. Headboards can be fashioned from wood or plastic. If you are looking for an inexpensive way to add extra bed head, consider purchasing a few drawers that attach beneath the headboard. This will allow you to store linens and your clothes while they are not in use on the bed.

If you are working with a small space, you may want to purchase an expandable bed frame. An expandable bed frame allows you to create extra space even if you have limited room. The extra space seems bigger because it is. You can add dressers and chests beneath the bed frame to store additional clothing and linens.

Another one of the great small bedroom ideas is to add plenty of closet space under your bed. By installing a slide or a hinged door in your closet, you can hang shirts, dresses, shoes, belts, purses, and more. Adding drawers underneath your bed not only adds storage, but it makes the bed look larger. Some of the sleeker, designer drawers that add elegance to a bedroom also come with mirrors. Mirrors can make your bed look larger and add depth to the room.

Another great idea for small bedroom ideas is wall shelves. Low profile shelves make a small bedroom appear larger and offer ample storage space. You can install a long shelf or a series of short shelf-high shelves that appear as a single piece of furniture. In addition, you can install hooks or brackets along the bottom of your walls and place a shoe rack or two on each shelf to organize your shoes.

Small bedroom storage either side of the bed is also a great way to make a room look larger. You can install a wall shelves or hooks along the wall and install your bedroom storage either side of your bed. If you have two wardrobes, install one wall storage either side of your bed, and another wall storage in the corner. If you have three wardrobes, install two walls of bedroom storage either side of your bed.

One of the most important small bedroom ideas is to use bold, patterned wallpaper. This wallpaper on the walls of your home will be the focal point for your room and you want to choose something eye-catching. The colors you choose for your wallpaper should also reflect the colors you use in your room. Try to find wallpaper with a design that will go with both contemporary and traditional themes.

A final few small bedroom ideas for maximizing space are to use mirrors to reflect light. This will add dimension and a sense of space as well. You can use these mirrors without them becoming a focal point by placing them against a plain wall or over a mirror that is decorated. You should also remember to use enough lighting to make your small bedroom ideas work for you.

As stated at the beginning of this article, using your imagination is a great way to think of small bedroom decor ideas. Using colors and prints as part of your small bedroom ideas will allow you to make your room visually appealing. Try using decorative items such as rugs, pillows, curtains, and other fabrics. These items will give a statement to your room while at the same time making it inviting and comfortable.

Another idea that will work for many people is to create a space that is visually stimulating. There are a number of ways you can accomplish this task. The first idea that comes to mind is to think about the way you sleep. If you are a person who tosses and turns a lot during the night, you may want to consider investing in a nightlight that will help you see what you are doing at night. Other small bedroom ideas that can help you with stimulating decorating are painting the walls in bright colors to help you relax, using an overhead light to illuminate the room, and investing in comfortable and unique bedding.

If you are interested in increasing the appeal of your room, consider adding a few extra touches. For instance, you can add throw pillows throughout the small bedroom. Throw pillows will not only add warmth to your room but will also make it seem more inviting. Additionally, by using unique throw pillows, you will be able to make your room appear unique. This idea is especially useful if you have purchased a room that is already furnished and done with.