Ideas For Decorating Your Little Boy’s Bedroom

Little Boy’s Bedroom Ideas… or for any age really. It’s a boys’ world, so let’s not exclude them when we talk about bedroom decorating ideas for boys. For a boy your little one will enjoy going to pretend camping in their special bedroom of yours! Moth patterns are always a big hit with little boys and easy to add on with colorful plaid bedding and warm, comfy pillows.

The basic bed frame you should start with is the traditional wooden bed, this provides stability for the mattress and provides the most adaptable room decor for your little boys bedroom ideas. Of course if you are working on a theme for your little boy’s room you can include items that reflect that particular theme. You can use the traditional dresser for storage and room organizing in addition to a chest of drawers or a dresser with a lid. You may wish to get a nightstand for his room as well. Other ideas that are becoming popular with little boys are toy storage chests, toy soldiers and toy cars. These chests of drawers can be used to help store toys while they are not being used.

For toddler bed designs, if you are not narrowing it down to a toddler bed you could consider using a trunk, day bed or a bean bag! These are perfect bed designs for toddler bedroom ideas as they offer extra space for toys and books. They are also very adaptable allowing you to turn it into a toddler bed or a full-sized twin size bed when needed. You can find these designs at most furniture stores both in regular and discount varieties. If you have some old antiques around the house you could use them in place of the more modern styles.

Other bedroom decorating ideas for toddler bedding would be to purchase wall stickers for the walls. You will also want to buy bedding that has the same design on each side. The wall stickers will be what you stick onto the wall after you buy your theme and the bedding will be what you stick on the floor covering the rest of the room.

Another little boy’s bedroom decoration idea is a mural. If you are not good at artwork, there are several mural kits that you can purchase online or in some larger retail outlets. If you do not want to draw the mural yourself, you can use a vinyl transfer that can be purchased for a lot less than an original mural. This transfer will come with directions and a template so that you can follow the steps to create your own masterpiece.

If your little boy enjoys sports and art, you might want to decorate his room with wall decals that feature his favorite sport or cartoon character. The wall surface for this type of decorating is vinyl. You will want to use a vinyl transfer to protect the paint from getting damaged, as it does from some hard surfaces. Decals for use on a wooden wall surface work well for this type of decoration as well.

Another idea for toddler bedroom design ideas is to use bright colors and pastel tones to create a warm and inviting environment. One way to accomplish this is to add a decorative rug to the bed and other furniture. Another idea is to add throw pillows to a solid color wall surface so that the room has a welcoming and comforting look to it.

Little boys bedroom ideas can also include decorating with rock wall art. Rock wall art comes in many different themes. Some of the themes include sports, boats, dinosaurs, and animals. Using a theme in the decorating will make the room more comfortable for little boys who spend a lot of time in their rooms.