Decorating Ideas For Girls Bedrooms That Will Impress You

A girl’s bedroom is her sanctuary. It’s the place where she can escape the world and just be herself. It should be a place where she can be free to express herself, to be creative, and to really make it her own.

But if your teen daughter’s bedroom looks like a clear case of bland and boring, don’t worry. These 10 decorating ideas for girls bedrooms are so easy to do, you can have your daughter’s bedroom looking like a whole new space in just a few hours.

Find A Theme

Girls, especially teenagers, are constantly changing their minds. That’s why a themed bedroom is a great idea, especially if your daughter is indecisive and changeable. A theme will allow her to express her personalities and gives you plenty of room to change things up as she gets older.

Girls’ rooms can be so boring because so much is given to them already. A bedroom is supposed to be fun, yet still practical, and you need to find a way to make it one or the other, not both.

Try starting from the ground up with some fun bedding, a unique lamp, and maybe even a chair. Give her the space and some money to create a look she likes, and if she’s happy with it, she will be for life.

Add Some Personality To Your Walls

If your teen daughter’s bedroom walls have been pretty much the same since she moved into her room, it’s time to give them a facelift. Add a colorful or fun wallpaper or wallpaper quote like this one. Even if she already has a mural in her room, it can be changed to fit your teenager’s personality.

A framed picture can instantly add a visual element to a room. It doesn’t need to be a big one, but adding a few of your daughter’s favorite pictures can give her a focal point in her room.

Go for a trendy look with matte walls, You can get a really cool, trendy look with a fresh coat of paint. Matte surfaces can really jazz up a space, and provide an affordable upgrade that’s still great looking.

Create A Fun And Colorful Room With Accents

If you’re not sure how to paint a room, you can always use a color palette as a guide. She can mix and match the colors in her room and have a bunch of moody moods to choose from.

Use the colors that she likes most, and don’t forget to add in some black, grey, and white to give it a bit of a twist. The last thing you want is her room to look like a daycare for toddlers, which is what she might think.

Give your daughter a unique and fun space to enjoy her youth in, that will also serve as a place where she can escape for privacy when she needs it.

Decoration Plants and Beddings

Adding plants to the room adds an instant aesthetic touch of style to any room. By mixing in some fresh plants around her room, your daughter can add a burst of vibrant green into her life.

The bedding is all about the color. This light and airy pink look is a great way to change up a white room. Get your daughter some fluffy pink sheets and some comfy cotton comforter to put over the top.

Even if she has a twin-size bed, you can create a new look by replacing the headboard and changing the blanket or sheets. Or add throw pillows and blankets that match her existing décor.

Add Some Throw Pillows

All your daughter needs are a few throw pillows and some bedding that she really loves, and she will have a great bedroom that feels updated and interesting. Throw pillows add texture and a lot of lightness to the bed, and they help to make the space seem more playful and fun.

Make her bedroom a little more grown-up with some bedding or rugs. They’re not just for her, either.

Adding New Furniture

Adding some new furniture to your daughter’s room can really change the way it feels. And with the right colors and fabrics, it doesn’t need to be your classic white bedroom. For a more relaxed look, try adding some more of those throw pillow covers to add some texture and softness.

Your teen daughter has tons of great accessories in her room already. Get creative and add some fun accessories to give her room a fun new look.

Your daughter doesn’t need to get a desk from IKEA, but it does need to be high quality and capable of supporting her computer.


You don’t have to turn your daughter’s room into a room fit for a princess. What you can do, however, is take what’s there now, and make it as girly and as fun as possible.