Decorating Ideas For Teenage Girls Bedrooms

There’s something undeniably seductive about teenage girls’ bedrooms. The space can be quite a bit smaller than that of a boy, but there is just something undeniably alluring about the space. In the hands of an expert it can almost make the space feel like an extension of the person’s personality and tastes – much like a little piece of oneself. It is this seductiveness that means many teenagers will spend a great deal of money redecorating their bedrooms in order to make them look and feel their best. Here are some ideas for redecorating a teenage girls’ bedroom:

If you’re looking for cool DIY bedroom decor ideas for teenage girls bedrooms, you have a wide range of options. A popular choice with girls is a purple duvet cover. Purple is one of the most versatile colors out there is such a wide variety of color variations available. You could choose a shade of purple that is light or dark and match it to the wall color or accent it with accessories such as throw pillows or a purple lampshade. You could even use the color to compliment the wallpaper or paint in the room.

There are plenty of color schemes that would go well with purple. For teenage girls bedrooms, earth tones are always a good choice and again you will have plenty of color choices to choose from. If you’re going for a lighter theme, you could use pale blue on the walls and then add more of a pop of color by painting one wall a deep, intense turquoise. There are lots of other bedroom designs that would work well with purple, so if you can’t find a design that you really love, don’t worry too much because you will find plenty of others that you’ll find appealing.

Teenage girls love to draw. If you put in a few shelves and hooks and some craft materials, your teenage girls bedrooms will instantly become a creative space. One of the easiest and cheapest ways to add some purple to her bedroom design is by adding some purple bedding. A pair of purple and black bed sheets would look great and they would also be used in a few other rooms as well since they are relatively inexpensive. You can buy these sheets in a mix of colors, so you could actually have two different color schemes in one single room.

Another one of the best teenage girls bedrooms design ideas is to create an image source of purple. With a little bit of careful planning and coordination, you can easily create this type of room. First of all, you should have a comfortable area in the bedroom for the girl to play. You can place the bed in the center of this area, surrounded by a few accessories. The area should also have a wall of white, or a color that is a close match to the bedding that is being used. This way, the image of the purple decorating theme will be the focus of the entire room.

Teenage girls need a lot of space, so using wallpaper borders to divide the bedroom into smaller, manageable areas is a great decorating idea. You can choose various shapes and sizes, based on the amount of space available. There are numerous wallpaper borders that are available for teenage girls bedrooms, and they come in various colors and themes, so there are bound to be some that fit into the teenage girl’s design.

If your teenager likes nature, you can make her pretend to be on a vacation in a cottage by putting a few purple touches on her room. If she has a lot of purple decorating in her house already, you can mix and match various accessories and accent walls to give her a look that is rich in color. You can even paint her wall colors a light purple to create an image source that will accent her bedroom.

There are several other teenage girl bedroom ideas that you can use to decorate her space. You can choose an image source that will bring her mind into a different world. You can paint her wall colors to match her bed curtains and pillow covers, or you can put up pictures of flowers or little boys on the wall. Another great image source would be to use an image of a mannequin, or of a Barbie that has been painted to look like the image of a teenage girl. If you don’t want to put up any furniture in her room, you can simply place a few stuffed dolls near her windows to make her feel like a princess in her own bedroom.